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Our favourite fitness Mum Jennifer Chalouhi


Our favourite fitness Mum Jennifer Chalouhi, shares with us her top 10 tips on how to get started in fitness, eating healthy and staying on track!

Jennifer has been a Certified Personal Trainer in Dubai since 2009, you can check out her bio and credentials on www.fitnesslink.me/professionals/402
You may also know Jennifer by her instagram accounts @jennifercit and on @jumpfitdubai showing us how you can get the best cardio in on a trampoline.
She is also a TIMA Brand Ambassador for Sport Apparel and a fitspiration for Mums!
As a Wife and Mum to three beautiful daughters, we often wonder how she does it all. If she can do it, why can’t we? We are happy Jennifer can share with us her tips that keep her going and may help you to get started and begin your fitness journey to success as well.
A 30 minute workout a day only takes 2% of your time. Make exercise a part of your lifestyle and not a chore. Pack your workout clothes the night before and take them to work. If you’re a stay at home parent, have your workout clothes ready and next to your bed so that is the first thing you put on, before starting your day with your kids or new born.
Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier everyday. Eliminate from your day what does not bring you joy and what is not getting you that one step closer to your health and fitness goals. Limit your time on social media to short segments throughout your day. It’s amazing how much time flies when you are glued to your computer or phone. If one of your excuses is that you are always tired, try getting to bed a little bit earlier each night.
Clean out your fridge and kitchen closets from anything you feel might sabotage your health goals. Eliminate soda drinks, white startches, processed foods, and instead keep fresh fruits, like apples, oranges and berries, and tons of veggies and greens in sight. Stock frozen foods in your fridge including meat, poultry and fish. Avoid storing chips, ice cream and cookies at home. Because if they are in sight, you are probably going to eat it. Instead store healthy unsalted nuts and dried raisions. Once you are home, you’ll surely reach for healthy options because that will be all you see.
It is a huge help when you know ahead of time what you are going to eat. If you can afford to you can always hire an outside company to help you get your food portions and healthy eating lifestyle on track. Otherwise, you can set aside one day out of the week to set up a food menu for the week and prepare that from home, for example on Saturdays.
A workout well done or a weight loss goal well achieved does not mean you should reward yourself with a piece of cake! Rather go out and buy a new book. Take yourself for much needed rest and relaxation on the beach. Treat yourself to a massage. Clean out your closet or try on those old pair of jeans you haven’t been able to fit into in a long time.
People have had the misconception that each week they should be able to have that one day to eat whatever they want. But did you know that by doing that you could be consuming almost and over 5,000 unneccesary calories and you’ll probably need another week just to burn all that off.  Instead aim to reward yourself with one cheat meal a week of something you absolutely can not live without. Work hard for it, earn it and enjoy it. Could be a pizza or double patty hamburger and end it with your favorite piece of cake. For example your Friday cheat meal will be eaten over a reasonable time such as over lunch.
That saying was made famous and came from supermodel Kate Moss. The truth is sometimes a helpful quote or saying could be your motivation to keep you going and to think twice before taking a bite out of those french fries or unhealthy food options. Whatever the saying may be, find one that motivates you to stay on track. Hang it on your fridge, put it in your phone, place it on your lap top or somewhere that will always be in sight or mind.
If loosing weight is your aim, take a progress picture and four weeks later take another one in the same clothes, against the same wall, with the same lighting. Stick to your workout programs and healthy eating options and you will surely see results. If gaining strength is your aim, write down how many pushups you completed on your first try and few days or weeks later add in an extra pushup. You may surprise yourself and realize you’ve gotten stronger and can now do more pushups then when you started. Track that down and note your results.
I know this is easier said then done especially if you are never home to eat, but if you prepare your foods from home and eat out less, you will be less tempted to make unhealthy food chooses at restaurants. Buy a few tupperwares, and pack a turkey sandwhich to work and add in some healthy snacks like sliced apples and a handful of healthy nuts like almonds and cashews or veggies like carrots and celery. Try to aim and do that at least 3 to 4 times out of the work week.
10.  MIX IT UP 
Avoid sticking to the same workout routine or same play list on your phone. Change your workouts often as well as your music, to keep you pumped, motivated and inspired. Incorporate cardio, strength training, as well as, low intensity workouts like Pilates and Yoga, Add in interval training once or twice a week. Mixing it up, not only works different muscles groups but will also avoid you from hitting any plateaus during your fitness and health goals.
Those are Jennifers top ten tips however, she still makes note to include other important factors during your fitness journey and that is to include drinking plenty of water, workout with your kids if they are not in school full time yet, find a gym buddy or workout with a friend. Be accountable and mark your calendar for days you know you can set aside to get your workouts in. If you don’t have a gym membership, you can utilize all the free parks around Dubai. Or workout in your backyard or take a walk or jog on the beach.
Isn’t it time you started your fitness journey now.
Jennifers next top tips will be on how to beat cellulite or at least keep it at bay!

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