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Following on from his recent successful tour of the United Kingdom, Ben Coomber, a highly respected and leading nutritionist and performance coach, as well as a speaker and writer, will be coming to Dubai on the 22nd of April 2017 to give 2 seminars on Building a Successful Diet and Business Strategy for Personal Trainers.

The Nutrition seminar, called “Build the Ultimate Diet & Be Awesome”, is the culmination of over 10 years of experience, learning and teaching that Ben has done, he has simplifed these things down to the things people really need to know to get the most out of health, life, and physical performance. This seminar will also contain a lot of honesty, you will need to be ready and willing to change, to accept new ways of thinking, and truly be wanting to progress your knowledge, health and performance.

The Second Seminar is aimed at Personal Trainer and is part of Ben’s Personal Trainer Development Series.

Here is what you will learn in this Seminar:

Part 1: How to build a diet from the ground up

The importance of having a Pinnochio moment

The problems with diets

The problems with goal setting

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic goal setting

How to be successful with a diet

Accepting failure and having a plan B

Food is fuel & performance

How food affects the body

The problem with perfect diets

The problem with too flexible a diet

The psychology around your diet

What your plate should look like, 3 step plan

Carbs vs fats, the energy debate

Portion control vs calorie counting

IIFYM & flexible dieting

Calculating calories

The train high eat low paradox

Finding your calorie ceiling

Problem foods and exclusion dieting

Meal timing

Workout nutrition

Learning why variety is the spice of life

Summary of how to build a diet

Part 2: Stress, Recovery, Performance & Supplementation

Evolving the athlete within

The 8 recovery factors

Sleep and how to optimise it

Why we wake up at night

Sleep hacks and supplements

The problem with caffeine

The importance of calories in recovery

Protein pulsing

Optimising your carb intake

Vegan nutrition, hidden secret?

The fat paradox

Assessing training load

Hydration strategies

Blood flow and nutrient delivery

Muscle tissue quality

Magnesium – a recovery weapon

Zinc – the hormone factor

Anti-oxidant usage

Optimising your yin and yang

Health supplements

Recovery supplements

Performance supplements

Then time for Q&A at the end

Who’s this seminar aimed at?

This seminar is for you if you are:

  • Looking to increase your knowledge about diet and nutrition
  • A beginner or intermediate in the world of nutrition
  • Lost in too much information on diet and nutrition and need some clarity
  • Responsible for the diet and nutrition of others (eg. parents)
  • This seminar is aimed at beginner-ish and intermediate knowledge levels, but it will

It will also give people an idea of how to focus on what is really important in health and fitness and give you a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments. (If you want advanced teaching click HERE to check out Ben’s online nutrition course).

Personal Training Development Series:

The seminar session is focused on personal trainers, gym owners, coaches, and practitioners within the fitness industry to help you develop as much as humanly possible in an interactive, engaging and motivating white board session. We will look at topic areas such as…

How to get more clients

How to understand online and offline marketing and what techniques work the best

Building up your gym or personal brand

Taking your personal development to the next level

Advanced coaching techniques

Achieve better work / life balance, and more…

This seminar session is all about personal trainers and coaches getting the most out of their careers using Ben’s 11 years of experience transitioning from personal trainer, to specialist nutritionist, to online brand, to multiple business owner in various areas of the fitness industry including gym ownership, owning a supplement company, and as an education provider.

Before you attend this seminar it is highly recommend you grab a copy of Ben’s latest book “how to be an awesome personal trainer” so that this session can build on the theories in the book and this session can be advanced for as many people as possible, you want to advance your business as much as possible right?

Ben has spent many years as a 1-2-1 personal trainer, a nutritionist, a bootcamp coach, a massuese, worked in elite sport, and spent the last 7 years building up a large online personal brand with many products and services that helps 1000’s of people every year, including the UK’s #1 rated health and fitness podcast.

Learn from Ben, his experience, and take your personal and professional development to the next level

There are only 25 spaces for each PT seminar, this has to remain an intimate workshop so everyone is able to get the most out of the seminar as possible. Once the tickets are gone, they are gone.